APTS Skill System Version 3


What is the purpose of skills?
- To allow the characters to perform physical actions
What do I want from the skills?
- Intuitive and easy-to-use from a player point of view
- Quick to generate for ANY character level
- Stackable
How about we STOP TRYING for SYMMETRY and make each supposed “attribute” just it’s own thing.
- Mass: similar to physical size; does not affect your chances of success directly; it goes into physical derived attributes
- Strength: does not affect “chances of success” attributes; just affects how much you make things hurt, if you succeed; affected by Mass
- Agility: a “chances of success” attribute, for body movements; affected by Mass
- Stamina: physical health and resistance; affected by Mass
Specialization: direct + to AGILITY ONLY for the purposes of a single skill; may feed back into agility?
Practical Knowledge Skills: stuff that doesn’t really increase in effectiveness with increased ability scores, such as lock picking
Theoretical Knowledge (or whatever the opposite is): stuff that the character simply knows and may provide a bonus to practical situations (social or physical)