Player's Guide Content

Following is a list of the things I'd like to talk about in the Player's Guide.

Rules say not what you can do, but whether you can do it: The rules are set up so that they give you no hints about what your character can do. There's no Bluff checks, no "longsword attack", no jump skill. Instead, given that you've chosen something to do, the rules simply guide you on whether your character can do it. If you want to, say, hop on one foot while juggling flaming torches while trying to still seem intimidating to the dwarf in the corner, the rules tell you whether you ocan do that and if you succeed at it (or parts of it).

Match Character Depth to Length of Play: Will it be a single or finite session game? Or an ongoing series of adventures?

Building a character - CONCEPT FIRST: In this game, I'd like to emphasize content over statistics. To further this goal, the player is NOT GOING TO ROLL STATS. Instead, they are given a creation currency. This currency buys far more than does character-creation currency in most games. Virtually the whole character is built by the player using this currency, including attributes, skills, species/race, possibly sex (if they have differing abilities for a given species/race), culture, social status (if applicable), and starting money. NOTE THAT UNLIKE MOST GAMES, A CONCEPT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Most games ask you to start with a concept, but channel that concept into a finite structure. In this game, the concept translates directly to the character build.

What Skill-Stacking Does and Does NOT Do: Mention how skill-stacking is intended for multiple simultaneous skill-usages, but NOT skills that are simply very close together in time. For example, a PC can use skill-stacking to attack with two weapons, one in each hand. A PC is NOT allowed to use skill-stacking to attack twice with the same weapon in a single tick.

IC/OOC: Whether the players narrate for themselves in-character or out-of-character.

Group Dynamics: Ensuring all players have a good time. Who talks when? How are "turns" figured out so that everyone has a chance to play?

GM-CONTENT: Oddly enough I think the player's guide may include GM-specific content as well. That content includes: magic item lists and generation, alternate PC generation?

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