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If I were to encapsulate the theory briefly but succinctly, I think I would say: Roleplaying games have the potential to evoke in players a type of amusement not achievable through any other form of entertainment; namely, a creative agenda called "Epic Simulationism".

Expounding a bit more on this creative agenda is best done by comparing and contrasting it to other creative agendae:

Epic Simulationism is the "Why?" of the tabletop roleplaying game I am attempting to build, the "target" of play. Therefore, it becomes the Fruitful Void I aim to achieve. If my efforts to produce a tabletop roleplaying game are to be considered successful, the players should be able to easily and reliably produce Epic Simulationism using the tools of the game.


With the theory fixed, I now turn to design to answer the question of "How?"

Design Point - The Fruitful Void versus the Reward Cycle; Treasure, Experience, and Character Death

In the defacto standard


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