Tabletop Hero Project Project


Please note that many of the Glossary.html entries are ripped from or at least inspired by the entries from "The Provisional Glossary.html" by Ron Edwards, at The Forge .

Entries that are direct quotes of the entries given on The Forge are indicated by a special font-face .

In some cases, definitions include lingo that isn't defined in this Glossary.html. I decided not to keep such lingo since it starts to lead outside of what I'm interested in for our game. Furthermore, Mr. Edward's Glossary was written from a perspective recognizing only three Creative Agendas, while Mr. Bartle's models recognize up to eight player types. These classification systems are not necessarily incompatible, but come at the subject angle from different angles. See "Theory Development" and "Current Work" for more information.

Also see "I Have No Words & I Must Design: Toward a Critical Vocabulary for Games" by Greg Costikyan.