Gilbert’s Rules of Thumb:

(edited by Daniel Blain, adapted from Gilbert's Rules of Thumb)

Other Game-Design Goals:

  1. Balanced – must not destroy the campaign world, or ability to tell good stories.
  2. Meaningful choice – should involve some kind of strategy and depth, not just “roll a single dice and that’s the outcome”.
  3. Player and Character Ability – The system should take into account both player choice as well as character ability. This applies to NPCs as well.
  4. Inclusive – should involve all players, not just those whose characters are good in social situations.
  5. Realistic – Social ability shouldn’t be mind control. It should take into account the personality of the character.
  6. Concurrency – The roleplaying and system mechanics should work together, not supercede each other.
  7. Fun – The social system must be fun.