Codename - The Normal Project

Project Goal - To build a roleplaying game centered around the Normal Device, or Combat Wheel. Project Goal - To build a roleplaying game centered around the Normal Device, or Combat Wheel.

Project Members

  1. Bryan Hansen
  2. Colin Bellamy
  3. Daniel Blain
  4. Simon Tremblay


Clearly, people are most biased in regards to their own works and inventions. However, I believe I can objectively call the Normal Device, invented by Bryan, Daniel, and Simon, the most innovative new tabletop RPG device to come along since the invention of dice itself. Such a device, as powerful and efficient as it may be, is futile if it is placed into a crappy game. It is unlikely that we'll be able to create an amazing game around the normal device purely by chance (especially since the lightning bolt of inspiration doesn't strike the same place twice!) So, the question then becomes: what makes for an awesome game? The knee-jerk answer is to say that an awesome game is one that is really, really fun. However, this doesn't answer the question, it just pushes it back a level. What makes for a "fun game"? Answering this question is where the real work comes in.

Main Wiki Subsections

  1. Brainstorming - Rough Ideas being thrown around.
  2. Theory Development - Development of the base theory used for our game in its most general version. The theory is a unique mixture of existing theories, and is heavily dependent upon those other theories.
  3. Design Development - The core theory is expanded into a complete, structured framework for our game based upon the principles of the core theory.
  4. Game Development - The framework is fleshed out into a playable tabletop RPG.
  5. External Resources
  6. Glossary
  7. Archived Work - Work the we built earlier while attempting to construct the game, but have since discarded due to its being impractical, not fun, or not parallel with our goals. Although the work is discarded, the archives allow us to go back over old ideas and possibly reformulate some into something useful or inspire new ideas.

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